As we grow our team we will list them on this page. 

Cindy Stephens - President 

Mrs. Stephens has been an advocating for veterans for over 20 yrs. She is a member of D.A.R and Honorary Kentucky Colonel. She has been a caregiver to her Veteran Father in law. Dedicating her life to giving back to Veterans is a passion.

Ashleigh Ruiz - Vice President/ Secretary

Mrs. Ruiz  Started out volunteering and being our amazing donations director. Ashleigh has several family members who have served or are serving this country and her family has always given back to the veteran community. We are proud to have her on our team.

Cheyenne Stephens - Treasurer

Ms. Stephens has been volunteering with Veteran and current serving military  causes since she could walk. Her mother would let her help fill boxes to send overseas. She would go with her mom to the local VA hospital and learn what history was like from those who lived it. She learned of the struggles our Veterans face at an early age and vowed to help. 

Leroy Rothamel  - Military and veteran liaison and resource coordinator.

Richard Sunny Farrand -  Adviser and Mentor. (RIP Col. Bulldoggie  We love and miss your guidance and all you did for Veterans everywhere )


Board of Directors 

Cindy Stephens

Cheryl Brandt

Ashleigh Ruiz

Cheyenne Stephens

Kenneth Stephens

Leroy Rothamel

Our Team