Our Veterans had our nations back, Now we must have theirs!

Our Mission:​
Our mission is to be a reliable resource for veterans in need. To  help veterans and military member who need a hand up whether it be food, clothing, pet food, emergency funding ect..  without cost to them, to support and work together with other veteran non profits to benefit our Nations Veterans.

About us:
 We are a 501 c3 non profit charity  benefiting Veterans and Military families in need.
We are group of Civi’s, Veterans, Veterans Spouses and family members who have  years of volunteering in the veteran and military charity community.

Our passion is giving back to those who served our country. Everyone is a volunteer  and all donations go to benefit those Veterans and military members we serve.

Most of us seen a need in our community to help our Veterans with Groceries/pantry items, personal care items and even pet food for their 4 legged family members and service or emotional support animals.
Some of our Veterans do not always qualify for assistance due to the funds they get from pension, SS, Disability  but it may not be enough to get them through the month due to life circumstances, high costs of medication, dr bills that are not covered or just cost of living in today's world.

Sometimes our Veterans just need a little extra help to get by and that’s where we would like to come in and help our Veterans. Our goal will be to have enough supporters to help us get the funding to allow us to make a difference within our Veteran communities around the country. They deserve so much better and we will fight to make that happen.

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Freedom Pantry for Veterans is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization(as of 8-09-18 ) in Yakima,Wa.  FPFV's Federal ID number for donations is 26-2864750. our IRS Determination Letter to be uploaded soon.

​Our IRS tax filings (IRS Form 990-N) are available at the IRS website

State Charity Registration # 2001078